PREMAPRO® LLC - Exclusive Importer

PREMAPRO LLC. is the only allowed importer of COELAN Boat Coating products in Canada, Caribbean, and United States. The importer is a supply specialist who is trusted to supply high quality products, which offers solutions for the retailers and industry. Vendors and retailers, who are willing to carry COELAN products, should feel free to contact PREMAPRO.


15537 Sullivan Ridge Drive
Charlotte NC 28277
Phone: 888-333-3235
Fax: 704-248-7790

To order COELAN® Boat Coating products please contact PREMAPRO®


SupplyGround® is an online supply expert which provides highly valued brands such as COELAN Boat Coating. The online supply expert makes online ordering of the specially required products fast and easy. In addition to marine paint, SupplyGround provides the right equipment such as high quality brushes to make the best application.


Online supply specialist
Phone: 888-333-3235