Before using COELAN Boat Coating, it is important to read the COELAN Application Guidelines for Boat Coatings !

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General Information

  • Ensure that the mounted deck has no water beneath it. Also, make sure that water does not penetrate the area.
  • The acceptable retained moisture in wood should be lower than 15%. Always check the retained moisture in wood planks that are older.
  • Hard wood, superstructures, deck planks, and hull interiors should be internally vapor sealed. This is to prevent travelling of moisture through natural convection from the inside to the outside surfaces.
  • To avoid removal of color and the Ultra Violet pigments in primer, make sure to sand sticking out wood fibers or the dirt in coatings that are transparent, only after applying the first or the second coating.
  • COELAN will not stick to joints filled with silicone or to silicone surfaces.
  • COELAN cannot coat polyethylene and also polypropylenes.
  • Do not clean using solvents.
  • Painting intervals taking less than a week do not require immediate sanding.
  • Adhesive tape should be removed immediately after applying the coating.
  • Discoloration of coatings, which is impossible to clean, is caused by contact of copper with water. It is also caused by vegetation.
  • COELAN Boat Coating is removed using a hot air gun and a spatula or good scraper.


Industrial health and safety standards

  • Following COELAN safety and work instructions is important. Make sure to use COELAN based on the given directions given in product (TDS) technical data sheets.
  • Symbols and text have been used to draw attention to the significant directions that should be followed when making use of COALEN products. Make sure you observe instructions and legal safety regulations indicated on the labels. Refer to the product MSDS for further details.
  • Make sure you use mask that circulate fresh air. Ensure good ventilation when in use of spray applications. Carefully follow regulations when dealing with hazardous material.
  • Put on protective eyewear and safety gloves, at all times, while working using liquid polymers.

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