Refurbishment of Steel Boats

COELAN Boat Coating is paintable over an anticorrosive primer, any other well-prepared coating product, and on paint. It can be painted on surfaces of aluminum vessels and steel including other objects. COELAN Boat Coating gloss, which is transparent, can be mixed with any one of the seven ordinary colors and be used to refurbish metal surface. The mixture should be applied using a roller, spray, or a brush.


Steel Boats Preparation

When painting a steel boat, first check the existing coat whether it can be over-coated with no further preparation or it needs to be removed. Use the test of self – adhesive tape to determine the adhesion of older coating. This is by applying tape on the surface of the object and pressing it down. Peel it in a rapid movement and if none of the old paint is removed, painting can be done with no further preparation.


Aluminum Boats Preparation

Prepare the surface by sanding it. Vacuum the remaining dust then, treat the surface by applying thin layer of primer.



Prepare the coat by adding all the paste from the tube with color paste, to the container with the COELAN Boat coating that is transparent. Mix the two thoroughly using motor driven paddle that is slow turning or a hand held paddle, until the mixture does not have bubbles or streaks. This will lead to creating homogenous mixture. The color chosen will create COELAN standard colors or create custom colors based on COELAN'S standard color chart.
Apply the coat immediately when it is adequately mixed.