Kayaks – New & Refurbished [Skin on Frame]

COELAN Marine Coating is the award - winning, long-term solution for coating kayaks. Due to its durability, when the coating is applied it gives kayak surface gleaming permanent shine that is new looking.
For a long time, kayak owners have used COELAN Coating as their first choice. This is due to its easy to apply process, which only requires the use of COELAN Flexo Primer and Coelan Gloss Boat Coating. COELAN color paste is added for preferred final color.
Kayaks are exposed to constant Ultra Violet radiation, mechanical abrasion, and sand. To protect them from constant abrasion and to retain value, it is important to maintain their surface. COELAN Boat coating is recommended by US Kayak Association as the perfect protection for kayaks.



Prepare kayaks surface by degreasing using soap and rinsing off the remaining residue using water. Smooth the entire surface with a sandpaper of grain size 80 and vacuum the residual sanding dust. Set the kayaks bottom on trestles and apply primer.



Apply a thin layer of COELAN Flexo Primer or COELAN Flex LE Primer, approximately 50 to 70 ml per square meter or 1.7 to 2.4 ounces per 10 square foot. Use a soft brush or a cloth that is lint free to rub the primer on. The primer dries in about 30 – to - 45 minutes, which depends on local weather conditions. Apply the COELAN Boat Coating when primer dries. Remember that applying excessive primer does not equate to better results.



If you want to add color to the coat, use the desired Coelan color paste. Prepare the coat by adding all the paste from the tube with color paste, to the container with the COELAN Boat coating that is transparent. Mix the paste and the transparent coat thoroughly using motor driven paddle that is slow turning or a hand held paddle, until the mixture does not have bubbles or streaks. This will lead to creating homogenous mixture. The color chosen will create COELAN standard colors or create custom colors based on COELAN'S standard color chart. Apply the coat immediately as it is adequately mixed.
Apply COELAN Boat coating evenly in a few layers about 5 to 6 coatings with brushes or rollers that are clean and well prepared.