Refurbish & Restore

Refurbishment & Repair of an existing COELAN Boat Coating

To ensure optimum performance, damage on the existing COELAN coating surface should be repaired immediately. Start by sanding down the area diagonally that is damaged and then fill the depression that results with layers of COELAN Boat coating.
Preparation for refurbishment of existing COELAN surface

  • Use mild soap to degrease and clean the surface. Use clear water to rinse off the surface.
  • After the surface dries, use sandpaper of grain size 80 to sand irregularities.
  • Vacuum any remaining sanding dust.
  • Please take care and avoid using any solvents.

Once the surface is ready, apply the refurbishment film. The minimum usage is 300 – to - 400 ml per sq. m or 10 – to - 14 fluid ounces per 10.5 square foot. To make sure that the colors of the refurbished wood match, while using wood coatings that are transparent, apply a layer of the related COELAN Boat primer, which is available in red or yellow.


Surface refurbishment & Repair before an application of COELAN boat coating


Surfaces made of hard wood such as mahogany, teak, red ironwood or oak should be sanded down thoroughly and carefully. This is by the use of an eccentric grinder that is slow turning or with a sand paper of #80 as the grain size. For surfaces made of soft wood such as, Fir, Pine, Spruce, or Larch should be sanded across the grain thoroughly and gently. This is by the use of a sand paper of #80 as the grain size. Avoid aggressive sanding as it will result in uneven surface and hollows. With rubber and fiberglass surfaces, carefully degrease and sand the surface. Vacuum clean the sanding dust left over. Please do not make use of any solvents.
For steel surfaces, first check the existing coat whether it can be over coated with no further preparation or it needs to be removed. Use the test of self – adhesive tape to determine the adhesion of older coating. This is by applying tape on the surface of the object and pressing it down. Peel it in a rapid movement and if none of the old paint is removed, painting can be done with no further preparation.



For hardwood and softwood, apply several coats of COELAN Boat primer on the wooden surface until the pores on the wood are sealed. Apply two coats to planks and a number of coats to the end part of wood. For fenders, sheer rails, and rubber dinghies surfaces, apply a thin layer of COELAN Flex LE Primer or COELAN flexo primer using lint free cloth or a brush while observing the drying times.



Apply COELAN Boat Coating uniformly using several coats. Normally, it requires 5-6 layers of coatings to horizontal surfaces. Vertical surfaces should get 8 – 10 coats of COELAN Boat Coating, which has been thinned with COELAN Thinner. Apply the coats generously and evenly with brushes or rollers that have been cleaned and well prepared.