Fiberglass (GRP) refurbishment

COELAN Boat Coating can be used to treat fiberglass surfaces and boats. This is to protect and restore the material and its appearance and to make last longer. Fiberglass surfaces can develop glazing, hairline cracks, fading, and chalking due to the continuous exposure to weather elements such as the sun, wind, and rain. It is, therefore, recommended to do surface refurbishment earlier on to prevent more damage, which may be more costly, from developing.
COELAN Boat Coating gloss, which is transparent, can be mixed with any one of the seven ordinary colors and be used to refurbish fiberglass surface. The mixture should be applied using a roller, spray, or a brush. This will ensure that the fiberglass surface is protected from the elements. The surface will also look attractive due to the application of the coating gloss.



Prepare the GRP surfaces by degreasing and sanding down with sand paper of # 80 as the grain size. Vacuum the sanding dust remaining. Avoid using any solvents. Fill the larger cracks that are above 0.125 inches with epoxy resin filler. When it dries, sand down the surface and vacuum any remaining dust. Bridge and cover with the coat the small hairline cracks that are under 0.100 inches. This makes the surface ready for coating.



Prepare the coat by adding all of the paste from the tube with color paste, to the container with the COELAN Boat coating that is transparent. Mix the two thoroughly using motor driven paddle that is slow turning or a hand held paddle, until the mixture does not have bubbles or streaks. This will lead to creating homogenous mixture. The color chosen will create COELAN standard colors or create custom colors based on COELAN'S standard color chart.
Apply the coat immediately it is adequately mixed.