COELAN on Softwood

To preserve a newly laid teak deck and to ensure that it will remain in good condition for years to come, we recommend an immediate application of COELAN Boat Coating. Older teak decks can be renewed and restored with COELAN as well.



Surfaces made of soft wood such as Fir, Pine, Spruce, or Larch should be sanded across the grain thoroughly and gently. This is by the use of a sand paper of #80 as the grain size. Vacuum clean the sanding dust, which are left over and apply several coats of COELAN Boat Primer to the end part of wood. Avoid using solvents.
Cracks, which are larger than 0.125 inches to be milled with surface miller, to obtain sharp edges. Use epoxy resin or a small wedge of similar wood to fill the crack. Fix the wedge in place using marine glue or with epoxy resin. Plane down outward projecting edges.




Renovating the deck is essential before any COLEAN Boat Coating is applied. The repair should be on joints that are torn and planks that are severely cracked and damaged by water. Remove all the deck fittings near the working area before you start any work or sanding of the deck.
Measuring moisture content in the wood is also vital. This will help to know if water has gone through sub deck, the middle of deck planking, and the support beams. You should measure the water content by using a moisture meter. If that is not available, then check the moisture by drilling a hole measuring 8 mm – to - 12 mm or 5/16 inches to ½ inch in diameter in the centre part of the plank of the deck. Roll a small paper towel and put it inside the hole. In case it becomes wet, then there is moisture in the wood. The basis of the leakage should be found and repaired. Make sure the deck wood and the underlying surface is completely dry before applying coating or primer.
Check and repair all deck joints, cracks, and deck planks that are adjacent and loose or broken bungs. Remove the compound used for joint sealing that is loose and clean bonding surface by a sharp item such as a scraper, knife, or chisel. Vacuum the loose material and reseal the joints. Do not reseal using sealant that is silicone based.


Primer (Softwood and Hardwood)

Apply several coats of COELAN Boat primer on the wooden surface until the pores on the wood are sealed. Apply two coats to planks and a number of coats to the end part of wood while observing the drying times. Fill the small cracks with polyurethane (PUR) based joint compound.



Apply 5-6 layers of COELAN Boat Coating to horizontal surfaces. Vertical surfaces should get 8 – 10 coats of COELAN Boat Coating, which has been thinned with COELAN Thinner.
Apply the coats evenly with brushes or rollers that have been well prepared.