COELAN Applications

IMPORTANT: Read Application instructions before use!

Adhere to the directions provided about surface preparation and the application procedures given in the COELAN Guide to Boat Coating. This is used in order to get optimum results while using COELAN Boat Coating. It will also ensure that coating lasts for long as intended.

An important step that should be followed, when one is boat painting, is surface preparation, which should precede coat application. If this vital step is disregarded, and if directions are not followed carefully the coating cannot produce the expected results

Sometimes, private owners of boats do not follow manufacturer's instructions the way they should when coating yacht. However, in order to get professional results, a professional technique is essential. In boat refurbishment, it is very crucial to remove old paint or varnish with a soft brush, sand the boat surface gently, and repair all cracked planks and broken joints before applying new coating.

Whatever coating is to be used, all wooden deck, such as mahogany decks, teak decks, or decks made from other wood, needs protection from both above and below. Protection of the deck from beneath is essential for preventing moisture from making entry into the wood from underside the deck. Since the underside is not exposed to UV radiation and harsh conditions of the weather, any good quality boat paint may be applied underneath the deck for preservation of wood. COELAN Marine Coating should be used on upper surface that is exposed.

It is crucial to measure the level of moisture of wood before the application of any deck coating. This is to determine if the sub-deck or deck planking has absorbed water into it. For more information concerning these steps, make sure to read the application directions. It is recommended to read them before the start of the painting project. Also, obtain professional help from boat yards. Professionals there will help you to obtain superb results. Careful following of instructions will make COELAN Boat Paint easy to use and will generate exceptional and long-lasting results.


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