COELAN Anti Slip

ant-slip boatThere are working areas in a boat that need secure footing to ensure that one does not slip. These are areas around - and near - the mast, the windlass, and the foresail. It also includes any other areas where it is a risk to slip. Although COELAN Boat Coating is naturally slip - resistant, the addition of Antislip Glass Powder is recommended when coating such areas, for more security.


Using a sandpaper of #80 as the grain size, sand – down the entire surface which is to be coated. Use a masking tape for creating boundaries and for identifying the areas to be coated. Cover the fixtures and items that are nearby.



Before coating, apply primer if necessary. Use COELAN Flex LE Primer or COELAN flexo primer. It is approximately 50 to 70 ml per square meter or 1.7 to 2.4 ozs per 10 square feet. Follow the instructions provided on the specific material to prime.



Prepare the coat by adding all the paste from the tube with color paste, to the container with the COELAN Boat coating that is transparent. Mix the two thoroughly using motor driven paddle that is slow turning or a hand held paddle, until the mixture does not have bubbles or streaks. This will lead to creating homogenous mixture. The color chosen will create COELAN standard colors or create custom colors based on COELAN'S standard color chart.
Vacuum the taped - off surfaces and carefully remove all boundary tape before scattering glass beads. While the coat is wet, sprinkle glass beads on it. To get an excellent scattering effect, use a container, for instance, a saltshaker or a strainer that is handheld. Allow the beads and the coating to dry for duration of about twelve hours. After they dry, remove the glass beads that are loose. If they are not dirty, the beads can be used again.