COELAN Color Paste 37 ml

COELAN Color paste

COELAN Color paste is used in combination with Coelan Transparent Gloss Coating. This is to produce colors for wood, metal, fiberglass, fabric, and rubber surfaces. COELAN Color paste is optional but an essential part in the Coating process. Coelan Color Pastes can create custom colors to match existing surface colors and for decorative applications.


Container Size and Identification No.

37 ml / 1.25 fl oz   Cream White  RAL 1013   Article No. 51540_26035
37 ml / 1.25 fl oz   Pure Orange  RAL 2004   Article No. 60210_29375
37 ml / 1.25 fl oz   Bright Red  RAL 3000   Article No. 60220_29375
37 ml / 1.25 fl oz   Silver Grey  RAL 7001   Article No. 60230_29375
37 ml / 1.25 fl oz   Mahogany Brown  RAL 8016   Article No. 60240_29375
37 ml / 1.25 fl oz   Black  RAL 9005   Article No. 60250_29375
37 ml / 1.25 fl oz   Brilliant White  RAL 9010   Article No. 60260_29375
37 ml / 1.25 fl oz   Yellow  RAL 1021   Article No. 0530 – 60121 – TB3
37 ml / 1.25 fl oz   Ultramarine Blue  RAL 5003   Article No. 0530 – 60503 – TB3
37 ml / 1.25 fl oz   Sky Blue  RAL 5015   Article No. 0530 – 60515 – TB3
37 ml / 1.25 fl oz   Moss Green  RAL 6005   Article No. 0530 – 60605 – TB3
37 ml / 1.25 fl oz   Reseda Green  RAL 6011   Article No. 0530 – 60611 – TB3


One 37ml tube with 375 ml of COELAN Coating
One 1.25 fl oz tube with 12.6 fl oz of COELAN Coating

Two 37 ml tubes with 750 ml of COELAN Coating
Two 1.25 fl oz tubes with 25.3 fl oz of COELAN Coating


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