COELAN Transparent Gloss Finish

COELAN BOAT COATING Transparent Gloss Finish

Elastic, single-ingredient, UV and wear-resistant, and water-vapor permeable polyurethane coating. Best use on wood, steel, fiberglass, aluminum, plastic surfaces, and flexible rubber. To get custom coloring, mix COELAN color paste into this coating.

Container Size and Identification No.:
375 ml / 12.69  fl oz  Article No: 30210_013705
750 ml / 25.36  fl oz  Article No: 30210_017507
3 Liter / 101.44  fl oz  Article No: 30210_000316

Consumption approximately:
1000 ml / square m. or 31.41 fl oz / 10 square ft.

COELAN Transparent Silk (matte) Finish

COELAN BOAT COATING Transparent Silk (matte) Finish

The coating is best applied as one final layer over a glossy foundation for that matte - silky finish. Best used on wood, steel, fibreglass, flexible rubber, plastic surfaces or aluminium. Due to high risk of skidding when used, the finish is not suitable in areas that need secure footing. Cannot be mixed with COELAN color paste.

Container Size and Identification No.:
375 ml / 12.69  fl oz   Article No: 30220_013705
750 ml / 25.36 fl oz   Article No: 30220_017508

Consumption approximately:
200 ml / square m. or 6.28 fl oz / 10 square ft.

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