COELAN Application Options

Wood, metal, and plastic boat component applications

yacht tauCOELAN Boat Coating can be used to protect mahogany and Teak, including other boat decks made from wood for a long time. It can also be used to protect other surfaces that are exposed and are subject to fading and wear such as hatch covers, railings, and spars. Decks or wooden surfaces finished using COELAN, maintain their look, and are protected for a long duration of time from the harsh elements requiring no or little touch up. It is recommended to use COELAN yacht paint coating when laying new teak decks to preserve their attractiveness and the integrity of wood.

COELAN Boat Coating has superior traits making it excellent solution to refurbish exposed surfaces of vessels made of fiberglass. Using COELAN Boat Paint leads to the prevention of surface damage resulting from abrasion and continuous exposure. The coat is suitable for repair of hairline cracks, chalking, color fading, and crazing.
To get that specific design - or to match an already existing surface that is colored - a mixture of COELAN Boat Coating and other factory colors can be made.
COELAN Marine Coating use does not need to be maintained. In the long run, the coat is a very cost-effective coating and sealing product for protection of marine vessels surfaces continually exposed to rain, sunlight, salt water, and even, other harsh effects of environment.

  • COELAN Boat Coating gives a new life to the aged and discolored boat decks, giving protection to wood surfaces that are exposed for a long duration of time.
  • COELAN Boat Coating give new surfaces made of wood long lasting protection from wearing and weathering helping to protect them and preserve their look for many years.
  • COELAN is suitable for use on areas that have heavy traffic, for instance, companion ladders. It helps to create an abrasion-resistant, skid-proof coating.
  • COELAN colored coatings protect plastic surfaces subject to wear, aluminum and fiberglass boats, boat cushions, inflatable dinghies, fenders, and other surfaces not resistant to oil and solvents.



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