Why COELAN Boat Coating

COELAN Boat Coating is commonly considered the globe's longest - lasting and effective product for coating and finishing. Its superiority, versatility, and long life are due to its various exceptional traits. It is permeable, light – stable, and UV-resistant. In addition, it is exceedingly resistant to the wear caused by the boat's daily working. COELAN's elasticity makes it suitable to bridge hairline cracks and to prevent development of leaks. The Coating provides an excellent finish that outperforms and outlasts other high quality varnish. This helps to maintain the pleasant appearance and integrity of mahogany and teak including other wooden decks.

COELAN Boat Coating is manufactured in Germany and the world's top-notch ship and yacht manufacturers favor it. Many shipping companies and sailboat owners value COELAN for its weatherproof traits, longevity, and versatility.

COELAN Boat Coating is outstanding long-lasting paint suitable for marine vessels, which are frequently exposed to damages caused by effects of rain, salt water, and sun, and abrasions that are caused by the daily working of the boat.


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COELAN Boat Coating – A Long- Lasting Protection

COELAN Marine Coating is a long-lasting, high quality product, which has excellent durability. It is the number one choice by the top-notch boat manufacturers and also private yacht owners. COELAN has outstanding traits enabling it to preserve wood and to protect a variety of surfaces from the effects of continuous exposure to salt water, rain, and abrasion.
COELAN is coating suitable for preserving solid and composite wood surfaces. It protects surfaces that are exposed from damage, wear, and pollutants. Applying COELAN Boat Coating on mahogany decks and teak, which are on boats and yachts, help to maintain its look. At the same time, it bridges hairline cracks, which could result in developing leaks. The wood surfaces that are exposed, in boats and yachts are protected from the environmental negative effects and abrasion with application of COELAN.

It is easy to apply COELAN Marine Coating Products single-ingredient varnishes. COELAN's resilience and flexibility gives it the ability to bridge hairline cracks on various surfaces such as those composed of steel, wood, plastic, fiberglass, and rubber including other materials. It also helps to prevent decks from leaking and it is used to repair decks that are slowly developing leaks because of hairline cracks. COELAN is present in both colored and transparent finishes. It is Ultra Violet and weather-resistant, permeable allowing evaporation of moisture, and elastic.

COELAN Boat Coating Products are a cost-effective, durable solution to many of sailing boat coating needs. It reduces the need for recurring maintenance and reduces the costs related with refurbishing.

While compared with other varnishes, COELAN Marine Coating has a hygroscopic nature, which allows it to expand or contract based on environmental humidity allowing wood to breathe naturally. COELAN Boat Coating's benefits also include its elasticity and Water-Vapor Exchange technology that allows condensing moisture to vaporize and dissipate.
This is unlike the usual coating products that seal the wood without allowing the condensed air to evaporate. This increases the risk of development of rot on wood. It also leads to peeling and tearing of the coating due to increased pressure under the varnish. On the other hand, COELAN Boat Coating's Water-Vapor Exchange technology permits the condensed moisture to vaporize and dissipate naturally. This prevents rotting by protecting and preserving the core of wood. Due to its permeability, COELAN Boat Coating acts as a regulator, allowing the condensed moisture to evaporate thereby preserving the wood's integrity.
Aside from creating a UV and weather-resistant surface, the COELAN Marine varnish also seals small cracks on rubber, wood, fiberglass, plastic surfaces, steel, and aluminum making the surfaces durable while preserving their good looks.


Unlimited uses for wood, metal, and plastic boat components

COELAN Boat Coating can be used to coat mahogany, teak, including boat decks are made from other woods. It can also be used on other boat areas such as spars, railings, hatch covers and other surfaces usually exposed to salt water, sunlight, rain, and wear. The coating can be used on areas subject to abrasion and fading. If deck and other wood surfaces that are exposed are finished with COELAN coating, they will retain new appearance, and get protection from the environmental elements for long duration with no need for refurbishing and touch up. Newly laid teak decks should be coated with COELAN yacht paint for preservation of the wood's appearance and integrity.

The superior traits of COELAN Boat Coating make it suitable for repairing crazing, chalking, hairline cracks, and color - fading that result from the continuous exposure of fiberglass boats to the elements. A COELAN Marine paint coating protects surfaces from damage that occurs due to intense use and exposure to sunlight, rain, and salt water.

COELAN Boat Coating is able to be customized with factory colors and match existing designs. It can also be mixed to meet particular decorative applications.