COELAN Boat Coating - A Long-Lasting Protection

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Since 1954, COELAN has been the standard setter in the industry in areas of durability, performance, paint quality, and beauty.
The outstanding performance and durability of COELAN Boat coating makes it the first option for the leading builders of yacht and ship. As one of world's best marine coatings, it has gone through independent short - term and long - term testing receiving the rating of the best marine coating offered in the market. Yacht coating needs to maintain its appearance and at the same time perform in the harsh environments of seas and oceans. Once applied, there is no need to reapply COELAN Boat coating for a long duration of years.
Those who require high quality give appreciation to COELAN Yacht coating which has been manufactured using finest ingredients and state of the art technology.

Impartial tests, which have been conducted over the short term and long-term, have positioned COELAN Boat Coating on top of the rest in the market. Studies and reviews by clients attest to its excellent quality. COELAN Marine Coating is a high-quality varnish that is German-manufactured. It features exceptional traits making it extremely durable with high degree of protection to surfaces that are continually exposed to the harshest of ocean environment. Read more . . .


COLEAN has been setting industry standards since 1954

Ruder4COELAN Boat Coating products, which are produced in Germany, provides engineering solution of high quality. They are among the world's most long lasting and durable coatings used in marine vessels. The coating outlasts and outperforms every high quality varnish. It does not need to be refurbished for a long time once it is applied.
COELAN Boat Coating is the exceptionally durable coating suitable for marine boats that are consistently exposed to damaging effects of sun, salt water, and rain and the continuous wear that occur due to operating the boat day in day out.
Top-notch yacht and ship builders' first choice in protecting marine vessels surfaces is the COELAN Boat Coating. Its durability and toughness denote the COELAN coating as a long term cost effective.
COELAN is a German product of exceptional high quality. It is well known among top notch yacht owners and shipping companies for its versatility, durability, and weatherproofing ability in protecting a variety of surfaces. Read more . . .

Essential Characteristics

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  • extremely hard-wearing
  • permeability – permitting water to dissipate
  • excellent UV-resistance and light-stability
  • durability and longevity
  • easily achieves an absolutely non-slip coating
  • ready to use, easily applied
  • ability to bridge cracks and elasticity
  • suitability for use on wood, aluminum ,steel, and polyester substrates
  • unlimited potential applications in and on the boat
  • suitability for use on fenders, inflatable dinghies, and boat cushions
  • ability to fabricate colors using COELAN Color Paste together with transparent coating

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COELAN Boat Coating rated as the best boat coating on the market!

BlaueDose frontCOELAN Boat Coating has been ranked world's finest boat coating through impartial and independent long - term and short-term testing. The coating provides engineering solution of high quality. It is extensively seen as the best coating, which is long lasting and durable finishing product and wood coating in the market.
As compared to other vanishes, COELAN Marine Coating is developed by keeping in mind that wood is natural. The hygroscopic nature of COELAN allows it to expand and to contract as wood expands and contracts due to changes in humidity. The most noticeable benefits of COELAN Boat Coating are its flexibility and its resilience. This is in addition to its technology of water vapor exchange. These benefits are the ones, which allow wood to exchange moisture and breathe naturally even when coated.
The technology of the Water Vapor exchange, which is used in COELAN Boat Coating, allows natural vaporization of condensing moisture. This is, in contrast, with the usual coating products, which seal wood is used to prevent the condensed moisture from dissipating. If moisture does not vaporize from wood, it results to creation of pressure, which causes the coat to peel and tear. When moisture evaporates naturally, the core of the wood is protected and the slow process of wood rotting is prevented. The use of COELAN Boat Coating allows for the evaporation of the condensed moisture preventing the coat from peeling and tearing.
The superior qualities of COELAN boat coating mean that it is outstandingly weather resistant and wear resistant. It also maintains an attractive look for many years. The elasticity of the COELAN marine varnish make it able to bridge fine cracks on rubber or plastic, wood, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass preventing leaking in decks. Read more . . .

Multiple applications for wood, metal, and plastic boat components


COELAN Boat Coating can be used to protect mahogany and Teak, including other boat decks made from wood for a long time. It can also be used to protect other surfaces that are exposed and are subject to fading and wear such as hatch covers, railings, and spars. Decks or wooden surfaces finished using COELAN, maintain their look, and are protected for a long duration of time from the harsh elements requiring no or little touch up.
COELAN Marine Coating use does not need to be maintained. In the long run, the coat is a very cost-effective coating and sealing product for protection of marine vessels surfaces continually exposed to rain, sunlight, salt water, and even, other harsh effects of environment. Read more . . .